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'Pet' project wins awards, needs support

Vet students, others care for animals belonging to homeless people


We're a 'Mother-Baby Friendly Workplace'

Online calendar gets a complete re-do

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News releases: Agriculture

Food safety agreement sets framework for World Food Center-China

Officials from the city of Zhuhai, China, and the University of California, Davis, today signed a memorandum of understanding to establish the World Food Center-China. The WFC-China will be the central office for coordinating research and training activities in food safety for various Sino-U.S.…

Vaccine field trials for deadly 'foothill abortion' cattle disease expand

Jeff Stott feeds a calf with a big milk bottle

Thanks in part to researchers at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, cattle ranchers in California, Nevada and Oregon are one step closer to having a vaccine available to treat a tick-borne bacterial disease -- commonly known as foothill abortion -- which kills cow fetuses. The U.S.…

Hen-housing study unveils tradeoffs for birds and workers

Hens inside a facility

Alternative housing systems for laying hens present a variety of tradeoffs, according to new UC Davis research. The findings shed light on how hen housing affects the 75 billion eggs produced in America each year, providing data on the cost, safety, animal welfare, worker health and environmental…