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Added Yolobus service between Woodland and campus

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The forecast is chilly inside

7-digit dialing starts Dec. 22

The Davis campus is taking its first step to a new phone system

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Exhibition celebrates creativity of Nobel laureate scientists

Nobel laureate scientists have made amazing breakthroughs, but most were taken aback when photographer Volker Steger gave each of them a large sheet of paper, a handful of crayons and told them, “Draw your discovery!” Once they put down the crayons, he took a photo of each holding the drawing…

New plant breeding academy graduates to improve Africa’s ‘orphan’ crops

Two men in colorful African shirts lean over a counter

The African Plant Breeding Academy, run by the University of California, Davis, in collaboration with Mars Incorporated and their global partners, today graduated its first class of plant breeders in Nairobi, Kenya. The academy, a program of the African Orphan Crops Consortium, is based at the…