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Student discards go to Goodwill, not landfill

Daily parking rate going up to $9

Citations will cost $5 more

New campaign shows agricultural partnerships and achievements

“One UC Davis” puts the spotlight on California in a new campaign…

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State of the Lake: High (tech) and dry at Tahoe

Lowering a white disk off a boat and into Lake Tahoe’s blue waters was once the most widely used indicator of the lake’s clarity and health. Today, the Secchi disk is still an important tool, but 46 years after the University of California, Davis, first began continuous monitoring of Lake…

Workshop for students on surviving a campus shooting incident

UC Davis Police will present a training workshop for students and others on strategies to survive a shooting incident. The 90-minute class will provide advice and strategies to increase the likelihood of surviving a shooting incident, including how to escape, take cover, hide and play dead, and, as…

National Endowment for Humanities Chair Speaks on Civility

Jim Leach, chair of the National Endowment for the Humanities, is bringing his 50-state "civility tour" to UC Davis. Titled "Civility in a Fractured Society," the speech is the first in a series of special programs celebrating the campus's Principles of Community, a 20-year-old…