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Heroes offer tickets to 'Salute to Heroes'

It's happening at the Aggie football game Nov. 1


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The suggestion box is open for administrative transformation

Associate Chancellor Prasant Mohapatra is asking for input on the university initiative he is leading: Administrative Reorganization and Transformation

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Science casts light on sex in the orchard

Persimmons in a row

Persimmons are among the small club of plants with separate sexes — individual trees are either male or female. Now scientists at the University of California, Davis, and Kyoto University in Japan have discovered how sex is determined in a species of persimmon, potentially opening up new…

Faculty Research Lecture: Scientist reconstructs Earth’s climate history using tiny marine fossils

Man on boat in water with bare hills behind

On the walls of Howard Spero’s office hang photos of what resembles an exploding star -- brightly sparkling, shimmering threads shoot in a ripple of light from a dark center into an expanse of black.  While it may appear intergalactic, the image comes from the sea. It is a photo of a…

UC Davis scientists discover exact receptor for DEET that repels mosquitoes


DEET has been the gold standard of insect repellents for more than six decades, and now researchers led by a University of California, Davis, scientist have discovered the exact odorant receptor that repels them. They also have identified a plant defensive compound that might mimic DEET, a…

Chimps plan for a good early breakfast

chimp climbing a tree

New research by the University of California, Davis, shows that chimpanzees plan ahead, and sometimes take dangerous risks, to get to the best breakfast buffet early.

Emergent behavior lets bubbles 'sense' environment (video)

Diagram with circles in a circuit and arrows showing movement

Tiny, soapy bubbles can reorganize their membranes to let material flow in and out in response to the surrounding environment, according to new work carried out in an international collaboration by biomedical engineers at the University of California, Davis, and Nanyang Technological University in…