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UPDATED: Plan for Fix 50, think about changing your commute

All of us have homework to do for the highway project that will tie up traffic in May and June

Arrest made in Tercero trespass and theft

Police put out crime alert with photos — and tips follow

Commencement attire for faculty, administrators

Materiel Management and bookstore are taking orders

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UC Davis asks for strawberry commission lawsuit to be dismissed

The University of California, Davis, has filed a motion with the Alameda County Superior Court this week asking that the lawsuit filed against the university by the California Strawberry Commission be dismissed. "We continue to be disappointed with the actions of the commission and its pursuit of…

Three tapped for American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Three portraits of a man, a woman and a man

Three UC Davis faculty members working in diverse fields have been elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Margaret W. Ferguson, distinguished professor of English, Robert Huckfeldt, distinguished professor of political science, and John C. Wingfield, distinguished professor and…

Biodigester turns campus waste into campus energy

Professor Ruihong Zhang standing near the anaerobic digestion tanks

More than a decade ago, Ruihong Zhang, a professor of biological and agricultural engineering at the University of California, Davis, started working on a problem: How to turn as much organic waste as possible into as much renewable energy as possible. Today, on Earth Day, the university and…

Media tour: Last chance for white abalone? Tour captive breeding program at Bodega Bay

Reporters are invited to visit the white abalone captive breeding program today at the University of California, Davis' Bodega Marine Laboratory. The program recently achieved the first successful captive spawning of the endangered white abalone in nearly a decade. View the facility where…

Transit of Venus viewing

Students and researchers gathering to view the transit of Venus across the Sun through a telescope outfitted with a solar filter.

$4.8 million study will fight child obesity in Central Valley

UC Davis professor Adela de la Torre, a national expert on Chicano and Latino health issues, today received a five-year, $4.8 million federal grant to discover the best ways to help Mexican-heritage children in California maintain healthy weights. The study, called "Niños Sanos, Familia Sana"…

'Virtual Haiti' demonstration

UC Davis geologists and computer scientists will demonstrate how they are using virtual reality technology at the W.M. Keck Center for Active Visualization in Earth Sciences (KeckCAVES) to study the effects of recent earthquakes in Haiti and Baja California.