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Ocean acidification threatens coastal communities across the U.S.


The first nationwide vulnerability assessment for ocean acidification, published today in Nature Climate Change, shows that coastal communities in 15 states that depend on the nation’s approximately $1 billion shelled-mollusk (e.g., oysters and clams) industry are at long-term economic risk from…

Natural gas trucking fleet could benefit economy, but has mixed environmental effects

Portrait of Amy Myers Jaffe

Switching from diesel fuel to natural gas may hold advantages for the nation’s heavy-duty trucking fleet, but more needs to be done to reach the full environmental benefits, according to a report released today from the Institute of Transportation Studies at the University of California,…

Consumers increasingly face companies’ creative smoke and mirrors, UC Davis study finds

E-cigarette devices

Heavily marketed as a safer, healthful alternative to smoking, electronic cigarettes are under fire from California health officials who have declared “vaping” a public health threat, hoping to head off the type of deceptive manipulation that tobacco companies succeeded with for decades,…