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Student discards go to Goodwill, not landfill

Daily parking rate going up to $9

Citations will cost $5 more

New campaign shows agricultural partnerships and achievements

“One UC Davis” puts the spotlight on California in a new campaign…

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California has given away rights to far more water than it has

Sprinklers watering agricultural land with a truck in the background

California has allocated five times more surface water than the state actually has, making it hard for regulators to tell whose supplies should be cut during a drought, University of California researchers reported. The scientists said California’s water-rights regulator, the State Water…

Scholars present at annual sociological association meeting

Nearly 60 faculty and students at the University of California, Davis, will attend the 109th annual meeting of the American Sociological Association, with about half presenting papers or leading discussions. The meeting is being held in San Francisco at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square and the…

Why the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle rollout may now succeed

Woman about to get ready to get into a sleek purple car

A convergence of factors is propelling a market rollout of the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, according to a new study from the Institute of Transportation Studies at the University of California, Davis. A key to hydrogen’s potential success is a new smart solution that clusters hydrogen fuel…

State of the Lake: High (tech) and dry at Tahoe

Lowering a white disk off a boat and into Lake Tahoe’s blue waters was once the most widely used indicator of the lake’s clarity and health. Today, the Secchi disk is still an important tool, but 46 years after the University of California, Davis, first began continuous monitoring of Lake…

New UC Davis program helps to bridge gap between research and market

Four University of California, Davis, researchers have been given $50,000 each in the inaugural year of a competitive grant program aimed at facilitating the conversion of technology generated from university research into commercial applications. The UC Davis Science Translation and Innovative…

Media tour: Last chance for white abalone? Tour captive breeding program at Bodega Bay

Reporters are invited to visit the white abalone captive breeding program today at the University of California, Davis' Bodega Marine Laboratory. The program recently achieved the first successful captive spawning of the endangered white abalone in nearly a decade. View the facility where…

Transit of Venus viewing

Students and researchers gathering to view the transit of Venus across the Sun through a telescope outfitted with a solar filter.

$4.8 million study will fight child obesity in Central Valley

UC Davis professor Adela de la Torre, a national expert on Chicano and Latino health issues, today received a five-year, $4.8 million federal grant to discover the best ways to help Mexican-heritage children in California maintain healthy weights. The study, called "Niños Sanos, Familia Sana"…

'Virtual Haiti' demonstration

UC Davis geologists and computer scientists will demonstrate how they are using virtual reality technology at the W.M. Keck Center for Active Visualization in Earth Sciences (KeckCAVES) to study the effects of recent earthquakes in Haiti and Baja California.