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Tweet with a map of Napa Valley

UC Davis students and faculty created and tweeted the first publicly available map of the West Napa Fault rupture less than 24 hours after the earthquake began. (Mike Oskin/Twitter)

The next Napa earthquake

The magnitude 6 earthquake that shook the Napa Valley in August was the strongest the region had felt in more than 20 years.

But the next earthquake in the area could be much stronger, according to preliminary research from UC Davis presented at the American Geophysical Union conference in San Francisco.

New technologies and social media enabled the UC Davis team to produce scientific information for the public at unprecedented speeds following the quake.

The team of geologists and graduate students from the UC Davis Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences found that the West Napa Fault line is longer than previously thought, and capable of a much stronger, more destructive earthquake in the future.

In fact, they say the Napa fault could produce a temblor strong enough to cause levee failures in the Delta.

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