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Student innovators

Photo: guy weldingUC Davis capstone classes provide mechanical and biomedical engineering students with a wealth of opportunities that undergraduates at most other institutions can only dream about. "Student innovators," Flash, 3 min 19 sec, "Engineering solutions: Senior-class inventors team with docs and vets," 7.22.09.


Olmsted on conspiracy theories

Photos: Nixon, two other politicians UC Davis history professor Kathryn Olmsted talks about her new book, Real Enemies, and real government conspiracies conducted by U.S. officials. "Olmsted on conspiracy theories," 1:45 min, Flash video; Smarten up your summer: It's a novel (and non-fiction) way to connect to UC Davis authors, Spotlight, 6.29.09.


Firefighters learn from house fire

Photo: house on fireTo practice firefighting techniques in a realistic situation, UC Davis firefighters and local partners set fire to a house on the campus scheduled for demolition. At the end of the exercise, the house was allowed to burn down. "UC Davis Firefighters Train on Burning House," 1:23 minutes, YouTube video, 5.6.09


Drought brief given to California Legislature on UC Day

Jay Lund speaking at podiumUC Davis Professor Jay Lund of civil and environmental engineering, an expert on the California water system, briefs the Legislature on the state water system and its problems to demonstrate the value of the University of California's expertise. Lund. ("Drought Q&A With California State Legislature," 3:24 minutes,YouTube; UC day at the capitol: University viewed as a jobs engine, smart investment, Dateline, 3.13.09)


Birth control for fox squirrels

fox squirrelUC Davis officials launch a birth-control research program to curb a campus population explosion of non-native tree squirrels. Faculty wildlife experts and their students place humane live traps of wire mesh under trees and around lawns to capture eastern fox squirrels. (Flash webcast, 2:04 minutes, 10.31.08; "Troublesome, non-native squirrels will get birth-control shots," News Service, 10.30.08)

-----Designing for the State Fair

Photo: male student and male professor smiling over a model of state fair pavilionUnder the guidance of design professor Tim McNeil, two students help design the “Dream Big” pavilion for the 2008 California State Fair where UC Davis will kick off the celebration of its centennial. (Flash video, 3:50 minutes; “UC Davis is State Fair highlight: Faculty and students help design ‘Dream Big’ pavilion” Centennial site, 7.17.08)



Gender and majorsphoto: woman gesturing while talking, sitting on lawn

if you look at the male-to-female ratios of various undergraduate majors at UC Davis, you might wonder about the relationship between gender and certain majors. Sociology professor Kimberly Shauman and four undergraduates talk about the social pressures for men and women to pursue majors at UC Davis. (Windows Media Player video or Quicktime video, 4:11 minutes, 5.29.08; "Gender and majors: Why do you pursue a particular major?" Spotlight, 5.29.08)-----

Hellfire and perfection

Photo: Brenda Deen Schildgen's photoBrenda Deen Schildgen has taken hundreds of UC Davis undergraduates through Dante’s nine circles of hell. Such testimonials — combined with her stellar scholarship — have earned Schildgen the 2008 UC Davis Prize for Undergraduate Teaching and Scholarly Achievement. (Windows Media Player video or Quicktime webcast, 12:34 minutes, 5.8.08; "Meet our 2008 teaching prize winner," Spotlight, 4.2.08)


Aggienaut's first time in space

Tracy Caldwell in astronaut suitAstronaut and UC Davis alumna Tracy Caldwell talks about her first space mission in August 2007, a flight on the space shuttle Endeavour to the International Space Station. During the flight, she operated the robotic arm from within the space shuttle. (Windows Media or Quicktime webcast, 1.25.08, 1:27 hours; "Aggie astronaut spends ‘99 percent’ of her time training," Dateline, 2.1.08)


-----Doing what matters

Robert Lorber, known for his expertise in executive coaching, performance management, leadership, teamwork, culture and developing strategy, reflects on working with and writing a book with Gillette CEO Jim Kilts. (Windows Media or Quicktime webcast, 59:56 minutes; GSM Business Partner Breakfast with Robert Lorber, 11.15.07)

-----Managing a campus emergency

photo: police chief Annette Spicuzza

Join in on our Aggie Family Pack discussion regarding emergency management at UC Davis. Our emergency administrators, including UC Davis Police Chief Annette Spicuzza, right, answer the question: What are we doing to keep students safe? (Windows Media or Quicktime webinar, 59:31 minutes; Aggie Family Pack Web site on the emergency preparedness , 11.7.07. )

Jelly Belly Candy boss speaks

photo: Robert SimpsonAs part of the Dean's Speaker Series for the Graduate School of Management, Robert Simpson, president and COO of Jelly Belly Candy Co. based in Fairfield, talks about the culture of innovation at the family-owned and operated company. (Windows Media webcast, Quicktime webcast, 1:26 hours, 11.1.07; Graduate School of Management announcement.)


How green are we?

Photo: woman buying produceThe video "Sustaining UC Davis" made its debut Oct. 24 at UC Davis' Sustainability Day. Produced under the direction of the campus’s Sustainability Advisory Committee, the videotakes a look at the steps UC Davis has taken down the path — plus future plans toward a sustainable college community. (Windows Media webcast, Quicktime webcast, 20:02 minutes, 10.24.07; "Sustainability Day celebrates many aspects of campus effort," UC Davis Spotlight 10.29.07.)


Janis Heaphy, Sacramento Bee publisher

photo: Janis HeaphyHeaphy, the first publisher in the 150-year history of The Bee, oversees the newsroom, editorial board, interactive media and business operations. She talks about value-centered leadership at the Dean's Speaker Series Fall Welcome Luncheon for the Graduate School of Management. (Windows Media or Quicktime video, 1:08 hours, 10.5.07; Graduate School of Management announcement.)


'Building a Connected Campus'

Photo: man pointing at computer screen, second man watchingThe future look of UC Davis' nearly 100-year-old campus connects place to people — and to our academic vision, according to "Building a Connected Campus." The plan focuses on the alignment of the historic Quad and three new campus quads, or "neighborhoods." (Windows Media webcast, Quicktime webcast, 17:24 minutes, 9.18.07; "Planners create places that spur memorable experiences," UC Davis Spotlight 9.20.07)


Robert Arneson: Images in and out of clay

Graphic: drawing of man's eyes excerpted from Arneson's 'Hollow Gesture'In this video produced by the legendary former Nelson Gallery Director Price Amerson, UC Davis art professor Robert Arneson talks about art, life and ceramics. This archival video was directed by John Reed in 1982. Copyright UC Regents. (Windows Media webcast, Quicktime webcast, 28:49 minutes; "Bawdy, witty ’60s artists become UC Davis icons," UC Davis Spotlight 10.17.07)


De Forest on De Forest

Painting: dogIn this video produced by the legendary former Nelson Gallery Director Price Amerson, UC Davis art professor Roy De Forest talks about teaching and art. This archival video was directed by John Reed in 1980. Copyright UC Regents. (Windows Media webcast, Quicktime webcast, 29:27 minutes; "Bawdy, witty ’60s artists become UC Davis icons," UC Davis Spotlight 10.17.07)


Wayne Thiebaud on his art

Painting: a birthday cake excerpted from Wayne Thiebaud's "Celebration Cakes"In this video produced by the legendary former Nelson Gallery Director Price Amerson, Amerson interviews UC Davis art professor Wayne Thiebaud about his work. This archival video was directed by John Reed in 1982. Copyright UC Regents. (Windows Media webcast, Quicktime webcast, 29:27 minutes; "Bawdy, witty ’60s artists become UC Davis icons," UC Davis Spotlight 10.17.07)


Huell Howser at UC Davis

Photo: Huell Howser posing with woman and statue On a bright, sunny day in May, TV travel guide Huell Howser and a videographer visited the UC Davis campus, crisscrossing our 5,300 acres in search of the best attractions open to the public. ("Road Trip with Huell Howser" Windows Media webcast, Quicktime webcast, 55:01 minutes; "Public television’s Huell Howser highlights UC Davis’ attractions," UC Davis Spotlight 7.06.07)


Corporate smarts: Russell Read and Robert Fox

Photo: mug shot of Russell ReadStudents in the Graduate School of Management reap the benefits of having senior-level executives teach them. In this Q&A video, management professor Brad Barber interviews executives Russell Read (shown, left) and Robert Fox, courtesy of CalPERS Office of Public Affairs, Multimedia Production Services. (Windows Media or Quicktime, 44:30 minutes; "Management students reap benefits from visiting executives," UC Davis Spotlight, 5.24.07)


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