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Core Principles Guide Intercollegiate Athletics at UC Davis

July 17, 2007

When UC Davis embarked in 2003 on its transition from Division II to Division I athletics, campus officials established eight core principles to guide the campus through the process and future Division I competition:

  • UC Davis must offer a program that does not compromise the university's focus on the academic integrity of student-athletes.
  • Admissions and graduation standards must in no way be specially altered or amended for student-athletes.
  • There can be no "tiering" among UC Davis sports, with some sports and their athletes receiving a better standard of treatment than others.
  • UC Davis cannot retreat from its Title IX (gender equity) progress, but must continue to expand its efforts and compliance.
  • UC Davis cannot reduce its broad-based program, but rather must seek to add sports.
  • The athletics program cannot depend for its financial survival on its record of wins and losses.
  • Permanent core funding must come from students and the institution, rather than from a dependency on external sources.
  • The athletics department at UC Davis must maintain a formal connection to the mission of the university, including preserving the current teacher/coach role.

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