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News about Sept. 24 faculty walkout

Some protestors walked from the noon rally on the Quad to the main administration building, Mrak Hall. (Photo by Julia Ann Easley / UC Davis News Service)

About 500 faculty, staff and students participated in a noon rally on the Quad Thursday to protest budget cuts and proposed further fee increases. (Photo by Julia Ann Easley / UC Davis News Service)

Sept. 24, 2009

5:00 p.m.: Information received from all schools and colleges indicates that the vast majority of classes were covered. “Covered” is defined as:

  • The professor met with the class and discussed the issues around the faculty action
  • The professor met with the class and encouraged students to attend protest activities scheduled on the Quad.
  • The professor did not meet with the class, but e-mailed the syllabus and/or assignments to all students, or posted the information online. Some of these professors also arranged for extra office hours for students who have questions or want to come by to talk.
  • An alternative instructor was assigned.

Deans reported that no student complaints were received.

From Pat Turner, vice provost of undergraduate studies: “Students are already feeling the pressure of higher fees, fewer course offerings and larger classes. We’ve said all along students should not suffer further by being kept from classes on the first day of the quarter. We have distinguished scholars and educators. As expected, they demonstrated their commitment to our students and the university today.”

Aggie editorial: The UC Davis student newspaper, The California Aggie, opines today that students should not join the walkout: “If faculty members felt the need to schedule a public protest, that’s fine. They should have done so on their own time, though, not on that of the students.”

Teaching and learning: Pat Turner, vice provost of undergraduate studies and a professor of African American and African Studies, spent much of the morning out on the campus, talking with students, faculty and staff and looking for walkout impacts. Everywhere she looked, professors were teaching and students were learning — in the big Life Sciences, Giedt and 194 Chem lecture halls, in Chem 2A, Hart, Wellman and Olson. The Quad, the Silo, Shields Library and the Activities and Recreation Center (ARC) were also busy.

“At the beginning of the first day of classes, our community is not walking out, it is walking in,” she says.

Hear more: Sacramento’s National Public Radio affiliate, Capital Public Radio, hosted a 10 a.m. program on the walkout activities. The interview will be posted online.

Sept. 23, 2009

Chancellor Katehi’s letter to students

Photo: Linda Katehi‘When UC decided that faculty furlough days could not be taken on instructional days, it was thinking of students. Even in this financial crisis, the university wants to do everything it can to ensure that you continue to receive a world-class education.’

— Chancellor Linda Katehi

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