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Air bubbles rising through the ocean to the surface

Rapid warming of the planet can cause ocean basins to abruptly lose oxygen, which marine life depends on, say UC Davis researchers. (Thinkstock image)

Smothered oceans

Seafloor sediment cores reveal abrupt, extensive loss of oxygen in the ocean when ice sheets melted roughly 10,000-17,000 years ago, according to a study from UC Davis. The findings provide insight into similar changes observed in the ocean today.

In the study, published in the journal PLOS ONE, researchers analyzed marine sediment cores from different world regions to document the extent to which low oxygen zones in the ocean have expanded in the past, due to climate change.

“This is a global story that knits these regions together and shows that when you warm the planet rapidly, whole ocean basins can lose oxygen very abruptly and very extensively,” said lead author Sarah Moffitt, a postdoctoral scholar with the UC Davis Bodega Marine Laboratory and formerly a Ph.D. student with the Graduate Group in Ecology.

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Overweight video game avatars ‘play’ worse than thin ones, study says

New study that shows video tennis players assigned overweight avatars perform less strenuously then those assigned slim stand in.

UC Davis developing faster, more accurate robotic cultivator

Rows of lettuce in a valley with green hills in the background

Controlling weeds could soon become more effective, affordable and sustainable for vegetable growers in California and beyond, thanks to a system under development at UC Davis that will help plants communicate with a robotic cultivator. Led by Professor David Slaughter of the UC Davis Department…

Myers Jaffe available to discuss future of fossil fuels at World Economic Forum

Amy Myers Jaffe, executive director of energy and sustainability at the University of California, Davis, is available at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Jan. 21-24, to discuss with media the future of fossil fuel. During her session, “Fossil Fuels at a Crossroads” on Jan. 24,…

'Beacon of hope' for nation in school program for African American youth, UC Davis researcher says

Three African American boys conversing

Amid national trauma over the death of African American youth at police hands, a course and mentoring program of the Oakland Unified School District offers the nation a "beacon of hope," says a researcher from the University of California, Davis. Vajra Watson, director of research and policy…