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Solar farm is up and running

UC Davis dedicates solar farm that's providing 14 percent of the campus's electricity and cutting our carbon footprint by 9 percent

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Demonstrating the fabric

Demonstrating the fabric

Youtube video (56 sec)

Videography by Yahui Yang/UC Davis

New fabric opens air vents

Athletic wear often claims to allow ventilation or drain away sweat. Thanks to new inventions by UC Davis engineers, future clothing might actually respond to sweat by opening vents or relaxing constrictions.

The invention is the latest from the Micro-Nano Innovations (MiNi) Laboratory at UC Davis, headed by Tingrui Pan, professor of biomedical engineering.

The invention is based on the different ways fabrics can respond to wetting. Postdoctoral researcher Yahui Yang bonded patterns of waterproof fabric to a piece of cotton fabric.

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News releases

Turning up the tap on microbes leads to better protein patenting

Mining millions of proteins could become faster and easier with a new technique that may also transform the enzyme-catalyst industry, according to University of California, Davis, researchers. The research describes a strategy for quickly finding specific enzymes among the millions of proteins…

‘Tis the season to provide holiday baskets for pets of the homeless

Dog in a Santa hat and green coat

For the 20th year, members of the public are invited to help provide a bit of holiday warmth and cheer for the dogs and cats of area homeless people. As they have for two decades, staff volunteers at UC Davis’ Veterinary Hospital are gathering monetary donations to help fill 130 holiday-wrapped…

GMO food animals should be judged by product, not process, scientists say

In a world with a burgeoning demand for meat, milk and eggs, regulatory policies around the use of biotechnologies in agriculture need to be based on the safety and attributes of those foods rather than on the methods used to produce them, says a UC Davis animal scientist. In a review paper titled…

Paris climate talk experts

The UC Davis scientists below can provide expert comment on the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP21), held Nov. 30-Dec. 11 in Paris. They can present a localized view of the global talks. Except where noted, these experts will be in California during the conference. Lew Fulton,…

UC Davis, SunPower dedicate University of California’s largest campus solar power plant

Photo: solar panels in foreground with UC Davis water tower and Mondavi Center in the background

University of California, Davis, Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi, and SunPower representatives today (Nov. 20) are dedicating the university’s newly constructed 16.3-megawatt (AC) solar power plant. The new plant, which UC Davis estimates will generate 14 percent of the electricity the campus needs,…

Pastured Poultry Farm to explore solutions for small chicken farms

Man with a chicken on his shoulder

UC Davis today unveiled its new Pastured Poultry Farm, home to 150 young laying chickens and a living laboratory where students and researchers hope to develop innovative solutions benefiting pasture-based poultry farms, integrative crop-and-poultry farms, and backyard flocks. Pasture-based…

UC Davis experts on the Paris attacks and aftermath

Impact on migrant groups already marginalized in Europe Maurice Stierl is a Mellon visiting assistant professor for comparative border studies at UC Davis. His research and teaching focus on migration and border struggles in contemporary Europe and North Africa in discourse and practice. In the…