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Heroes offer tickets to 'Salute to Heroes'

It's happening at the Aggie football game Nov. 1


UC Davis-specific enhancements

The suggestion box is open for administrative transformation

Associate Chancellor Prasant Mohapatra is asking for input on the university initiative he is leading: Administrative Reorganization and Transformation

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Help for the news media

Pile of election buttons that say "vote"

Experts for the midterm elections

UC Davis has a number of faculty experts who can comment to media on issues before voters in the November 2014 midterm elections, including:

  • A.G. Block, associate director of the UC Center Sacramento and founding director of the center’s public affairs journalism program, who can comment broadly on races to be decided in the election.
  • Kim Elsbach, professor at the UC Davis Graduate School of Managemen, who studies how organizations, their leaders and individuals acquire and maintain images, identities and reputations.
  • Robert Huckfeldt, distinguished professor of political science, who is an expert on partisan politics.
  • Amy Myers Jaffe, executive director for energy and sustainability for the Graduate School of Management and the Institute of Transportation Studies, who can talk about issues related to U.S. energy policy and U.S. foreign policy as it relates to oil/gas and the Middle East, China, Mexico and Canada.

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News releases

Emergent behavior lets bubbles 'sense' environment (video)

Diagram with circles in a circuit and arrows showing movement

Tiny, soapy bubbles can reorganize their membranes to let material flow in and out in response to the surrounding environment, according to new work carried out in an international collaboration by biomedical engineers at the University of California, Davis, and Nanyang Technological University in…

Scientists work to save endangered desert mammal

Small vole clutching a glove

Amargosa voles, small rodents that inhabit rare marshes of the Mojave Desert, have faced dire circumstances in recent years. Loss of habitat, extreme drought and climate change brought this subspecies of the California vole to near extinction, leaving only a few hundred clinging to existence. It is…

No-till agriculture may not bring hoped-for boost in global crop yields, study finds

soy beans in a field

No-till farming, a key conservation agriculture strategy that avoids conventional plowing and otherwise disturbing the soil, may not bring a hoped-for boost in crop yields in much of the world, according to an extensive new meta-analysis by an international team led by the University of California,…

New tool identifies high-priority dams for fish survival

An aerial photo of Long Valley Dam

Scientists have identified 181 California dams that may need to increase water flows to protect native fish downstream. The screening tool developed by the Center for Watershed Sciences at the University of California, Davis, to select “high-priority” dams may be particularly useful during…

New grant aims to build global food security through produce research

Michael Wolff, a UC Davis graduate student, right, discusses weeds with a volunteer in Kenya during a horticulture project in Kenya.

A new $18.75 million grant from the U.S. Agency for International Development will boost international fruit and vegetable research led by the University of California, Davis. The award extends for five more years a research program established at UC Davis in 2009 as the Horticulture Collaborative…